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Chatbot: creat your virtuel assistant

Why do you need a chatbot ?

Previously, to provide a service or deliver an order, we lost too much time performing simple tasks.

Who would have thought that one day you would do almost everything with one click?

Yes, everything has become possible with globalization and the development of artificial intelligence!

No need to waste time instead of focusing on boosting your business.

No need to spend hours doing repetitive tasks.

Today, everything can be done by machines.

It has even become possible to make chatbots in charge of claims and requests from customers.

But what is a chatbot? What’s the point ? And how does the bot messenger differ from other chatbots?

This is what you will discover with us afterwards!

Chatbot: Definition

A chatbot is a conversation space installed on Websites.

It allows textual or vocal exchange between Website visitors and technical assistants.

This software robot plays an effective role in support, which helps users by answering their different questions.

Previously, chatbots used to function through a scenario system « questions and answers » based on a decision tree. Thanks to the progress of artificial intelligence, this conversational agent becomes today with a better capacity to understand individuals’ needs and meeting them easily.

Why creating a chatbot ?

The chatbot’s answers to recurring questions result in important savings and efficiency.

Indeed, the chatbot costs much less than a consultant, who will be in charge of answering the basic questions of the customers.

Plus, it’s available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This availability fosters the customer relationship ; in fact, users will feel well guided and will receive immediate answers to all his questions which will make him feel important.

Thus, the customer rate will rocket.

Another benefit is that chatbots save time for you.

Today, there is no need to take care of simple assistance tasks. The chatbot can do them effectively.

Accordingly, you can focus on improving your productivity and nothing else!

To summarize, the advantages of a chatbot are:

  • Low cost
  • Permanent availability
  • Customer support
  • Customer relationship improvement
  • More proximity
  • Be on the lookout for innovation

The chatbot : customer testimonials

The chatbot can be beneficial for any business regardless of its activity.

It was used by several well-known companies such as Disney, Burger King, CNN, Sephora…

Indeed, these brands took advantage of the tremendous benefits of the chatbot especially the customer relationship management. And as customer testimonials, we will present the experience of two companies, working in totally different activity fields:


SNCF voyages is a French rail carrier, which operates a high-speed train network.

This company has created a bot called ‘Léa’ that enables passengers to add an option to their tickets.

The product manager « Bénoit Bouffart » gave his opinion concerning the chtabot’s functionality :

« 50% of our after-sales contacts now operate via social networks and instant messaging applications »

This review sheds light on the importance of the chatbot’s role in enhancing the customer relationship.

Chatbots also provide companies with a more beneficial, effective and expanded after-sales service.

Direct Energie :

Direct Energie is an energy supplier : gaz, electricity, or gaz and electricity.

It has reached the satisfaction of more than 2.5 million customers. Operating in both the B2C and B2B sectors, this company was able to win the 1st Customer Service Podium 2018 in the Service Business category.

To achieve this, Direct Energie took advantage of the services of the two chatbots created for its website :

             -The first one :  Allowing to retrieve meter readings following a subscription.

            – The second chatbot : Operating in the beginning of the customer phase

The two chatbots have successfully accomplished these tasks so that the company saved time and managed to focus primarily on improving its activity. Thus, Direct energy becomes known for its performing services and its customer services.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot 

According to a study released in 2018, 1.3 billion users have chosen the Messenger application, where 10 billion messages are sent every day!

For this reason, 80% of companies chose to invest in Chatbot Messenger.

This tool represents an accessible and available chatbot within Facebook’s instant messenger. It allows to communicate with mobile users with no need to quit social network on which they are already present.

Since everyone is connnected on mesenger, investing in this chatbot increases the number of your customers.

Since everyone is connnected on mesenger, investing in this chatbot increases the number of your customers.

Indeed, your business will be more developed and simplified especially in terms of sales by receiving orders and recommendations. You will also benefit from a more advanced advertsing level and you will be able to connect your CRM and send more personalized messages to your target.

Thus, thanks to this conversational exchange, you will have access to the various information stored on your customers by the Chatbot Messenger.

What makes the chatbot messenger different ?

This chatbot is characterized by the multitude of its interfaces as well as the diversity of the types of its contents.

It enables you to integrate multiple interfaces into the conversation rather than offering a single standard type of conversation for all users.

Indeed, there are several interface formats that already exist there:

  •       Integrable webviews
  •       Action buttons
  •       Persistent menus

As well as several exchange formats: You can use the text for your content, videos, GIFs …

Thus, we no longer speak of artificial intelligence as a way of comparing the effectiveness of chatbot platforms.

We are talking about convergence!

This convergence offered by the Chatbot Messenger has become the advantage that differentiates it from other platforms. It ensures  the efficiency of the exchanges to the Internet users that are guaranteed by the ease of the activation of several interfaces and by the relevance of the contents.

Chatbot messenger creation :

Whatever your sector of activity: B2C or B2B, a Chatbot Messenger will certainly be workable and profitable.

Today, the means of creating a chatbot Messenger are very diverse.

But if the problem you want to solve is more or less complex, it is better to opt for specific creation.

This option will cost you a little expensive (starting from 5000 €) ; in fact, the cost  depends on the characteristics of your project and your objectives.

There are many elements that influence the chatbot’s cost such as :

  • Chatbost hosting
  • His level of understanding the natural language you aim at
  • Development
  • Tests
  • The approval of your chatbot by the Facebook team
  • Maintenance
  • The complexity of your project

A necessary maintenance

Working on your chatbot does not come to an end an end the moment it is created ;  it is continuous throughout its life.

Endless and successive tests will be carried out on your chatbot to detect any flaws and possible errors during its operation.

To do so, a test battery will be launched on your conversational agent to ensure  its continuous evolution.

Bear in mind that you will need to fix a budget for the maintenance of your conversational agent.

Indeed, your users can ask you sudden and surprising questions, and in this case, your chatbot will have to be prepared!

This is why its perpetual improvement will be essential, to guarantee the evolution of its capacities and its functionalities.

Do you need a chatbot ?

Creating a chatbot could be an amazing opportunity to achieve great success. You can be more competitive,closer to your customers, more available and more human thanks to a « chat bot » that develops your professional image in B2B , understands your audience’s needs in B2C and gets closer to your fans as an association.

A chatbot, an ultimate virtual assistant to rock your activity !

Creat your Chatbot NOW !

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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