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How much developing a website cost in Tunisia VS Europe in 2021?

After setting your goals for creating a website, the second question is “how much does a website cost? “

If you’ve already looked at some quotes, you’ve definitely noticed the difference between the prices for your website. For this, here is an article to grant you the basics to establish the price of your website.

First of all, the price of a website depends on several factors such as:

  • The type of your website: Corporate Website, e-commerce site, portal …
  • The features of your website
  • The number of pages of your website
  • The design of your website.

In order to be able to conclude your website price properly, you must draw up your specifications.

How much does a website cost?

According to our observations on the market, prices of professional websites start from 1000 € and increase according to the need of your company and your objectives. In some cases, a website can exceed 100,000 € for complex solutions. And as we mentioned in the beginning, the website price depends on the various desired elements and the work provided by the agency.

For this, it is very important to develop your specifications to determine exactly the elements of your website and the work requested by the web agency.

How much does a corporate website cost?

A website showcase (corporate web site) is your showcase, as the name suggests, on the internet. It facilitates customer access to your brand.

The cost of a showcase website depends primarily on the degree of customization you want to have. And so, prices can take off easily.

Indeed, according to the factory of the net, a showcase site can be:

A basic showcase site

which usually has a reduced number of pages. Its main function is to put online the essential information of a company such as the presentation of the company, products and or services, portfolio, contact…

An advanced showcase site

as its name suggests, it is a showcase site that better expresses the company’s identity, especially in terms of digital communication and design. In fact, it is an effective tool for building your web marketing strategy, increasing your profit and generating new qualified leads or leads. It helps you deliver a unique digital experience for your prospects and leads to strengthen your brand image.

To gain more success for your site, some integrations of marketing tools will be essential such as google analytics, online chat, etc…

Generally, a showcase website costs between € 1,700 and € 7,500 at web agencies in Europe. While in Tunisia a showcase site can save you 70%.

Basic showcase website Custom showcase website
Web agency in Europe From 1700 € to 3400 € From 3400€ to 7500€
Web agency in Tunisia Less than 50% Up to 70% savings
Table 1 : Showcase website Price

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

An e-commerce website is your best tool for selling your products online. Whether it’s in the context of developing your physical trading business, or launching your online sales business, the e-commerce site is essential for you!

But, let’s put in your minds that ‘we must never believe that an e-commerce site is a showcase site with a module of purchase and payment! It’s more complex than that. Merchant or e-commerce sites are among the most complex sites in terms of development and require longer working hours than other sites. Indeed, several elements must be taken into consideration when developing this type of site. Your e-commerce site must be secure in order to manage online payments; you must also add a module for inventory management, billing and a connection module for your customers.

In addition, your e-commerce site must be robust and efficient so that the user can easily navigate between the different pages of your site. If not, the bounce rate will be high and this negatively impacts your online sales.

All its complexities justify the high price of e-commerce sites. In fact, if you want to make an e-commerce site yourself, there are solutions online and we recommend Shopify. But be aware that online solutions should be paid monthly, and your bill increases for each option to add to your site. This can lead to expensive prices per month.

In addition, with its online solutions, you can neither customize your design, nor obtain options specific to your business. You always stay limited by the available options, which prevents you from creating your added value as a brand compared to your competitors.

The price of an e-commerce site usually costs between 4,200€ and 34,000€ for SMEs and can reach up to € 100,000. In Tunisia, prices are reduced by at least 40%.

Country or region Cost of website
e-commerce website in Europe From 4200€ to 34000€
e-commerce website in Tunisia 40% Less
Table 2 : e-commerce website price

How much does a custom website cost?

A tailor-made website is simply a website that represents a precise and unique solution your business related problem. We usually refer to this type of site as a web application.

Web applications are typically specific creative solutions that represent start-ups for some entrepreneurs, or business management solutions to facilitate internal procedures and workflow management via web interfaces.

You can integrate anything you want into your bespoke site, and any feature! This is the literal realization of your creative ideas by translating them into code. Whether it’s a dating site, an e-learning site, an e-health site, an e-tourism site, a nutrition site … The examples tend towards the infinite, everything is feasible…

Given that the website is tailor-made, you will find that the price varies in term of a few thousand euros from 8400 € and can even reach 37500 €. So, let’s not forget to elaborate your specifications to get a quote closer to your needs. In Tunisia, the price of custom websites can decrease to more than 60%.

Country or region Cost of website
Custom website in Europe From 8400€ up to 37500 €
Custom website in Tunisia 60% Less
Table 3: Custom website price

Additional costs

Developing a website involve additional services to make your investment profitable. These costs can be paid once, monthly or annually.

Here are some examples of additional costs:

  • Domain name.
  • Website hosting.
  • Website maintenance.
  • SEO
  • Web marketing strategy.
  • Content creation.
  • Online ads …

Consider service’s quality!

To conclude, the price of a website depends on your specifications prepared in advance, and also from one agency to another. To have a website that fulfills your needs in order to achieve your goals, you should look for an agency that delivers a service of superb quality in the different aspects of your website.

Why choose Tunisia?

We compared prices generally between agencies in Europe and Tunisia.

The prices of websites in Tunisia are way cheaper than in Europe. This is due in fact to the rate of currency conversion between the euro and the Tunisian Dinars on one hand, and the cost of labor which is considered lower compared to Europe on the other hand.
But low cost is not the only factor to choose Tunisia as a provider of web business. The quality of services and the experience of Tunisian engineers and marketers are also key factors in choosing a Tunisian agency. In fact, Tunisia is considered the new technological hub of the MENA region.

That’s why choosing a Tunisian agency for building your website might be a great idea.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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