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Succeed your SEO: The 5 must-know

The SEO of your website is a continuous work to ensure the presence of your website in the first places in the search engines like google, yahoo, bing
To succeed your SEO, there are several techniques to be applied by the SEO experts.


Keywords are the essential tool rank your website. In fact, you have to put yourself in your client shoes : When my client will look for my product / Service, what are the words he would use to express his need ?

To find the best keywords for your brand, you must do your research on your target. You can certainly use some free tools such as google Adwords. But remember, it’s just a help tool. Your best tool for identifying the right keywords is how much you know about your customer.
To be more efficient in your keywords strategy, you should avoid generic keywords and opt for “long tail” keywords.

In fact, the generic words are really difficult to get a great position from them because of the strong competition (example digital agency), on the other hand the long tail words are easier to position considering the weak competition (example digital agency in Tunisia).
Here is an illustration that shows you the difference between generic keywords and long tail keywords.

On-site SEO

On site SEO is what brings together the internel elements of your website :

  • The html tags (titles, descriptions meta, titles levels, image and alt image …)
  • Rich snippets: These are structured data that will appear in the SERP page.
  • The URL structure
  • The average time of downloading your website
  • The internal mesh: it is the organization of the internal links of your website
  • The robots.txt and sitemap files
  • The density of keywords in your content
  • The quality and originality of your content
  • Responsive design

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO, called Netlinking, is about the external elements of your website. It consists essentially of :

  • The popularity of your website
  • Links that redirect users to your website through other websites.
  • Competition
  • Social links on your website

Local SEO

Local SEO is a variation of google SEO. It helps you to reference a locolized search (usually with a city name). The goal of this type of SEO is to be closer to your customers geographically. You can do this type of SEO from google my business. It connects by your business position on google maps.

Paid SEO

Paid SEO represents sponsored links. They are displayed when you run a google campaign using the google adwords tool. Your advertising is billed based on the number of clicks of your link put forward (CPC). This is useful when promoting a service or product. Generally, google sponsored campaigns are part of a global communication strategy. But you should know that sponsored links have no effect on SEO. So you have to think about setting up both strategies to be able to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Succeed your SEO

So, if you want to succeed your SEO and maintain your website in the first ranks on search engines, you need to elaborate a clear SEO strategy. That strategy need to contain the different elements that we had mention in this article. Check out your competitors to see for what keywords they are best ranked and try to understand your customer. This way you can set a better strategy to get a better ranking.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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