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How to make a Website in two steps?

How to make a website in two steps?

Well, so many SME looking for an easy way to have a Website for their company because after making the decision to develop a Web Site for your SME, taking action is a little tricky. And the confusion begins with “how should I proceed now? “. For your convenience here is an article to make your website in just two steps.

How to make a website in two steps?

In fact, it all comes down to the estimation of your budget in first place, the elaboration of your specifications in the second place, and then consulted the quotes of the agencies based on your specifications. This is how to make a website in two steps.

Step 1: Budget

First, the realization of a website is considered a project that requires financial and human resources like all projects. You must think about the resources allocated for this project. For your convenience, you can break your budget down into the following:

– Cost of creating a website (fixed price)

– Cost of domain name and accommodation (monthly or annual costs)

– Maintenance cost and update (monthly or annual costs)

– SEO cost (monthly or annual costs)

Step 2 : Prepare your technical specifications

After setting your budget, you move to the development of your specifications which is considered the most important step to develop your site. Here is what you need to create your website:

Who are you ?

In this first step, you must describe your company perfectly. First,You put the complete coordinates (address, emails, contact number …). Then you specify your industry, activities, products and services. Then, you can describe your culture and values ​​as an SME and your competitive advantages. The details of your description give more information to the web agency in charge of the project about you.

Objectives of creating your site

Why did you decide to make your site? Specify your goals in order of priority so that the agency understands what exactly is about the key elements of your site.

Characteristics of services or products offered by your SME

List your products or services by giving the details of each item. And point out how you want your services or products to be presented to your visitors.

Your target

You must specify your target to your web agency so that the design and site elements will be tailored to the needs and preferences of your customers. So, make sure that you develop detailed profiles of your typical clients with as much detail as possible.

Define the different roles of the participents

“The who does what” is an important phase in all projects. In the case of creating a website, please specify your role as an SME and the role of the agency concerned.

Design and graphic charter

The design of your Web site is very important to stand out from your competitors and offer a unique experience to your visitors. That’s why you need to underline the fundamental axes of the desired design for your website by referring to your graphic charter.

Web site tree

In this step of your specifications, you must draw the tree of your desired Web site. And, make sure that you do not forget to consider the sub-elements in your drawing.

Web Site content

A website is essentially based on the quality of its content. That’s why you must specify the type of content used, the existing content and the content to be created.

Layouts of the pages

If you have already pictured your web pages, you can note them in this section to give the agency an idea about the design of the different pages.

Forms and landing pages

Forms are your key to success in terms of qualified database collection. First, indicate all the necessary forms for your site by retailing the different fields needed. Then you can mention which form will be in the form of a pop-up, and which form will be in the form of a page. And you must also specify your landing pages that you will use to generate leads.

Modules needed

What modules do you need? The modules depend on your goals and your strategy. List in this section if your site will be unilingual, bilingual or multilingual, if you want a management module, newsletter, online chat etc …

Hosting, domains names and mails

If you already have a domain name and hosting, please tell your agency the domain name, the type of your hosting and the email addresses pro on the existing domain name. But if you do not have all this, please ask for support from your agency.


SEO starts right from the conception of your site. In fact, there is two parts to optimize your SEO, a technical part where the agency is committed to deliver a freindly SEO site, and a part of the content. In this section, enter the keywords that you consider important according to the your ideal client profil.

To conclude

To successfully complete your website project as an SME, this is how to make a website in two steps: the budget estimate and the development of specifications are your assets. So take your time in the preparation of your specifications and do not hesitate to consult your agency in the steps that you have not understood.

To facilitate the task of writing specifications, we offer you our model for free. Do not hesitate to download it.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster

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