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How to choose a web agency for your web projects

How to choose a web agency for your web projects with minimum risks?

Well, I thought about this situation and this is how you figure out your best next agency:

Here are 8 secrets to help you choose a web agency and realize your projects with a satisfactory output assurance.

How to choose your web agency

Visit the agency website

Your perfect tools to search for a web agency are search engines like Google and social Medias.

You need to consult the different agencies’ websites. An agency’s website gives the first impression about the values and brand of the agency itself, the different services that it provides as well as their competence in managing web projects. You should analyze the different aspects of the agency’s website: the presentation, their services, contact details …

The agency’s website is their first showcase. If it’s not good as it should be, then do not waste your time with them.

Consult their references

Each business is proud of its achievements, customers and its references. That’s why you find a specific section for the references on the majority of the agencies’ websites to assure website visitors, and to give them a reason to trust them.

You need to consult the various agencies references, read the description of each project and learn about the technologies used. This can give you an idea about the projects that the agency has already done. You can also visit their clients’ websites, to see the final results provided. If you find out that the agency is able to deliver a great service, you can move on to the next step.

Technological mastery of proposed solutions

When you consult the agencies’ references, you should probably look for web projects done by technologies that you need to use for your web project. If you don’t have an idea about it, try to learn more about it through the internet, so you will be able to ask specific questions about the technology needed. If you didn’t find what you are looking for in their website, contact them and ask if they have ever used it before and if so, ask them if you can see their final result.

Can you always reach the agency?

A reachable agency is your key to a successful web project. You can make sure if agencies reachable or not during the first contact. Whatever your contact tool, you need to measure agency responsiveness at your request.

If you made your first contact by phone, you need first to make sure that your call is made during their working hour. If your contact request was made by email, the agency’s response should not exceed 24 business hours.

You should probably drop the agency and look for others if it takes it too long to respond to your first contact request.

The agency’s professionalism

To avoid the headaches when carrying out your web project, you should make sure that the contacted agency is a professional one. This can be sensed since your first contact. In fact, you can notice the professionalism of the agency from the speech communicated during your first contact, with the formulas used, the hierarchy in the agency …

You can also notice the agency’s professionalism from their social Medias, the type of sent emails and the way of direct contact (phone, conference or face to face).

You should remember that choosing an agency is not intuitive, you need to contact the agency at least 3 times before moving to the quote request. Generally, this can give you an idea the agency’s professionalism as the team as well.

Agency’s engagement

In this part, you should learn about the agency’s responsibilities if it will be in charge of your web project. Generally, you should find in the footer of their website the general conditions. On this page, the agency specifies its responsibilities and the responsibilities of their client when carrying out a project.

You need to check out the different points to avoid surprises after your choice. If you don’t find this page on their website, ask the agency to send you a copy of their terms and their conditions. If you want to be more specific, you can ask for the “Scope Of Work” which is usually known as SOW.

We advise you to move on to another agency to ensure that your project is carried out under specific conditions if the agency has not provided that document.

Make sure that the agency is in your budget

To start your project, consulting quotes is a crucial step. In the web business, quotes are very different from one agency to another because of several factors. To minimize discrepancies between quotes and avoid a confusion situation, you need to develop your specifications in the first place.

Check out our article how to develop your website in two steps to complete how to elaborate your specifications.

After the development of your specifications, you need to send your quote request to the agency and attach your specifications with your email. This helps you to get a comprehensive and real quote.

After receiving quotes, skip off-budget quotes and focus on the agencies that have the closest quotes to your budget.

Select at least 10 agencies

When you search for a web agency for starting your web project (webdites or others), apply the tips we have developed in this article to select a dozen agencies that meet your needs. In fact, the response rate of web agencies does not exceed 80% at best.

After the filters that you will apply according to your needs and your perception of your project, you will get 5 web agencies at least, which means 5 quotes.

That should be enough to select the web agency that would take in charge your web project.


The purpose of this article is to help you how to choose a web agency for your web project. According to our observation, we have drawn up this list of 8 secrets to choose a web agency.

So, this is what you should keep in mind:

  • Visit the agency website
  • Consult their references
  • Technological mastery of proposed solutions
  • Can you always reach the agency?
  • The agency’s professionalism
  • Agency’s engagement
  • Make sure that the agency is in your budget
  • Select at least 10 agencies

So here is how to choose a web agency. We hope this article would help you with selecting the perfect web agency for you.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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