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your IT partner!

Do you want to expand your business and increase your customer base but you do not have the necessary skills to do so? Are you looking to increase your efficiency to overcome project overload but don’t have the time to place the necessary talent?

Outsource your activities and gain efficiency!

What we master

Proud of the dedication, professionalism and expertise of a team of specialists in different disciplines, ITE Digital provides a full range of digital solutions to IT partners from all corners of the world.

Web development

css3, html 5, bootstrap, php, wordpress, cakephp, prestashop

Web design

adobe catalog


hubspot , getgist

Social media

marketing : Facebook , Instagram


Google , ads , rank active , analytics

ITE Digital?

From marketing and design brainstorming, to the design of your site, to its creation, our web agency ITE Digital is at your side, whether it is by subcontracting a complete turnkey project or an outsourced part, as a successful partner. Our team ensures the completion of each step of the project with a considerable level of professionalism, and while respecting deadlines.

High value added

With many years of experience, our team invest their know-how and expertise to provide solutions designed to perfectly meet the your customers’ needs. By capitalizing on the expertise of different specialists in different fields, we provide high added value solutions for bring unprecedented quality and unequal value that fits with your vision and direction.

Client-oriented approach

We don’t hear our customers, we listen to their needs, we are rather connected to their states of spirit. Our approach puts the needs of our customers in first priority. This approach ensures that all projects without exception will be treated with an ear attentive from the start, examining in depth every aspect of your project to avoid surprises and delays, until its completion.


Throughout our experience, we have accompanied several projects that have evolved into real success stories. With a wide range of successfully completed projects, we have the resources and expertise to ensure your success.

Trusted, diverse and transparent team

ITE Digital is made up of a team of experts in web development, marketing, design, SEO, web masters, copywriters, community managers… They all work as a team in full transparency. We take your comfort seriously. We provide maximum visibility of your project process step by step while ensuring the security and data protection of the project in question.

A reflection based on a process

To ensure fast, on-time and high-quality project delivery, we adapt a predefined work process. This approach allows for adjustments to be made at each stage of the project through regular meetings that fit into the predefined schedule. We work together to offer you maximum flexibility to keep track of the progress of the work.


L’out of mainstream est notre façon à penser! La créativité et le thinking out of the box sont les deux déterminants constructifs de notre vision.

Nous assurons que tous les projets sont traités comme des perles rares qui ont besoin d’un soin particulier. Communiquer une image créative, originale, personnalisée via nos solutions digitales est un gage de garantie chez ITE Digital.


Always eager to learn new practices and technologies. Our eager-to-learn teams deliver the most innovative solutions. Innovation brings more benefits to your business by providing projects with a high level of technological development.

Why Tunisia

In addition to geographical proximity, Tunisia is characterized by its close proximity to French-speaking countries. For historical and purely cultural reasons, Tunisia is still attached to the French language which remains until today a main linguistic, cognitive and scientific vector. Tunisian graduates enroll in a French-thought university course carried out in the French language.

This French character, in terms of language and academic thought, offers our partners fluid, easy and efficient communication with our team.

Located at the convergence of the eastern and western Mediterranean basin, Tunisia is just 140 km from Europe. Very close to France, Italy and other very powerful countries, the distance does not present an obstacle of exchange with Tunisia. Our team will be able to assist you after less than 3 hours for a meeting. This geographical proximity offers another advantage in terms of time, only a one hour shift in the summer season.

This proximity on a geographical and temporal scale offers more flexibility and flexibility for the follow-up and the exchange between our team and our collaborators.

Tunisia’s socio-economic structure offers our French-speaking partners an additional gain. The devaluation of the Tunisian dinar against the euro and the dollar presents an opportunity not to be missed when looking for an outsourcing partner in Tunisia.

What types of partnerships do we offer?

At ITE Digital, we have defined a set of partnerships that tend to help companies and specialists achieve their goals while effectively preserving their results.

Depending on your needs and projects, you can choose the type of partnership that suits you the most:

Development partnership

Are you looking for long-term digital support? Are you looking for a flexible and available coach, developer, designer, marketer, maintenance team? Are you looking to be supported when a specific need evolves over time?

We are a digital agency that seeks to meet your specific needs. We provide you with several experts in several fields to support you in the long term to achieve your goals.

Whatever your needs, we put a cadre of serious, available and flexible professionals at your side throughout your project.



Why hire a local developer when you can hire a whole team of professional developers for less? As an agency based in Tunisia, ITE Digital offers the availability of an experienced team at a very competitive and attractive price level.

Are you a web development agency looking to broaden your scope? Are you looking to enter new markets at reduced costs? Our team will work for you, offshore, while benefiting from proven development expertise and significantly reduced costs.

We offer subcontracting in two partnership modalities:

We can become the technical subcontractor for your projects. Whether in coding, design or digital marketing, you can outsource part of your projects to us. We work together with you to deliver the best service according to your technical requirements and we will complete the project as an independent partner.

What if you can have a product or part of a product with your own brand, name and logo specially designed to meet the demands of your customer perfectly looked after by a highly skilled team?

With our second subcontracting modality: white label or white label partnership, take advantage of high-performance products designed by an experienced team at reduced costs presented under the label of your own brand.

Need a subcontractor?

Reference partnership

We value your recommendations, we really do!

As part of a sponsorship partnership, you can promote our services to your various relationships; customers, partners … The reference partnership is part of a win-win logic, a percentage of profit is offered appropriately at the cost, the service provided and the established turnover of the project.

This type of partnership can take a second form by exchanging service recommendations when the activities of our two companies (mine and hers) are different but complementary.