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How to make a successful web content!

Content is a crucial element for your website. To make a successful web content, you must put in place a content strategy adapted to your target. In addition to that, you need to determine what type of media to embed in your website to increase your customer’s engagement. The published information and offers on your website must be based on a well-defined strategy to convert successfully your visitors.

Based on your target, you can decide what type of content and offers to share on your website. By applying this practice, the engagement rate of your audience changes and results a significant conversion rate increase.

To apply a successful content strategy that generates leads, here are the steps to follow.

Make a successful web content

Define your positioning

First of all, positioning makes it possible to identify the company, the product or the brand in the mind of the customer comparing to its competitors. Your brand positioning should be precise in your overall strategy in the first place. The overall positioning of your company will have to be strengthened then by your brand positioning on the web through your published content. For this, you must write consistent content.

Adapt your content to your target

To accomplish this step, you need to develop profiles of your ideal target or as we called them personas. In fact, knowing the demographic dimensions of your target, such as age, gender, location and profession is no longer enough to send him a perfect message. To make a successful web content, you must understand your target perfectly through in-depth research on your target life style, behavior and buying process, its resources and expectations …

From these information, you can identify the best content to reach your conversion rates goals.

Tell your story

After defining your positioning and your target, you must specify the story you want to tell your community. For this, you must answer three questions:

  • Why you are doing this (your activity)
  • How are you doing it ?
  • What are you doing ?

From these questions, your story is ready to be developed, wrote and published!

Content types

Your story is ready to be told. You must then specify what type of content you will publish. In fact, there are several content types that you may use, but there isn’t a type better than the other. It all depends on your target and your established personas.

Here are some content types to use for your story :

  • Blog posts
  • Website photos
  • videos
  • podcast
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Pins on pinterest
  • A tweet on twitter
  • E-books
  • Webinaires

The list is still long, but the choice is yours depending on your target. So, to increase the conversion rate of your website, it is necessary to determine the suitable content type for your audience.

Improve your content strategy

Everything is in place for you to tell your story, you have shared everything and your content is starting to generate leads. But your content strategy does not stop there. In fact, you must analyze the performance of your content. From the key metrics dashboard that you set for your web analytics, you re boost pages that had a larger number of views, and generate more leads.

Then you have to redo pages that didn’t give the desired results. In this case, you must make one change each time to be able to measure the impact of your changes and apply them to other content if successful.


A content strategy is becoming more and more of a necessity for companies that want to generate profit on the web. You need always to look for your target’s preferences, create relevant content, and analyze the performance of each published content. Remember that your content presents your brand to your target. So you better take care of each content type before sharing it to make a successful web content.

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