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Graphic charter for Club Deal: Use case

Club deal is an e-commerce company in online deals sector that is considered as a competitive sector in Tunisia. When it was created, the brand mission was to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The starting point of differentiation was the graphic charter of the brand to make it easily identified by its customers.

A unique graphic charter

After bench marking on the Tunisian market, the brand noticed that the color used for the competitors was essentially pink. This competitors’ charter generally affects a price sensitive female target. But, the Club Deal brand wanted to expand its target towards a male and female target.

On these basis, our agency has built a graphic charter that meets the needs of the brand.


The colors chosen were blue and yellow, which are colors for both genders, in order to reach the target desired by the brand.


The logo design was based on a circular shape to communicate a community image. The brand wanted to show that its strength is in the community of its customers. This is a call for these prospects to join the club and build a strong community that shares the same interests in deals.

Communication support

On the basis of this graphic charter, our agency designed business cards, letterhead and communication supports to unify the communication media for the brand on a single graphic charter easily identifiable by the customer.


Company Website

Since the brand’s activity is essentially on the web, our agency was also responsible for developing the brand’s website. We therefore reproduce the graphic charter to design a website that differentiates the brand from its competitors and offers a simple satisfying user experience for the brand’s customer.

You can check the whole project on our Behance account on this link, and follow us to stay updated about our new projects.

If you need to build a graphic charter for your brand, you can contact us and let’s talk about it.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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