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Restaurants digitalization: boost your restaurant!

We have already spoken about the catering sector in France in terms of economic importance at the national level in sales and number of employees.

And also, we mentioned the problems and challenges that restaurant owners face on a daily basis and the solution is to digitalize your restaurant.

In fact, we have tried to show how you can drive more traffic to your restaurant by increasing your visibility on the Internet.

This is workable by combining your Internet presence with a customized website, specialized directories and social media.

You can see the whole article about the digital solution to increase your traffic through this link.

In this article, we will try to push things further in digital communication by incorporating new technologies that can become your competitive advantage.

In fact, restaurants digitalization should be integrated in your digital strategy with more varied and precise objectives.


Your restaurant is a physical space. And to generate traffic you have to consider two things:

– Your customers and prospects can know your address using GPS.

– You need to focus your targeting on people who can visit your restaurant.

This sounds simple and obvious, but there are more powerful tips for targeting prospects around your restaurant.

Imagine it’s noon, and it’s time to serve the meal! It will be really cool to target the surrounding people who are looking for a meal.

Yes, possible!

In fact, we can even push things even further! let know people near your restaurant that the meal is ready and that they are welcome.

Here’s how you can use geo-location in your favor to get more traffic to your restaurant.

Let your client book his table online

Most restaurants set up a telephone reservation system.

The customer must call the restaurant to reserve his table.

Some customers do not appreciate this approach, and others get annoyed by the way the reservation manager communicates.

Why not then set up a smart online booking system?

The customer can book their table in just a few clicks simple and efficient. And you will have all reservations in front of you in a well-developed dashboard to manage the tables and the flow of your work and your kitchen.

I want to eat at home!

Well yes! Some customers just want to eat at home. And, they want to order without leaving their places.

Home delivery of restaurants has been an established practice for a long time. This practice generates a significant percentage of your sales, but we can always improve this service through new technologies.

By highlighting your menu on your website, the customer can place his order in a few clicks.

It’s something like e-commerce?

That’s good then!

In fact, 65% of online consumers have made online purchases at least once a month, of which 74% are between 25 and 34 years old according to FEVAD in a press release entitled “Online Consumption: Frequency purchase speeds up.

Yes, online consumption is speeding up and you need to adapt your strategy to new customer behaviors.

Why? Because you can win a significant market share from online orders.

Restaurants Digitalization

There are still other ways to digitalize your restaurant and take your business to another dimension.

But these methods do not require heavy investments. Yet, they give you competitive advantages to face your competitors.

So that’s how you can create an edge for your brand and grow your restaurant business while giving your customer a unique experience.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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