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Restaurant in decline ? Time to go digital !!

Solutions for restaurant development in France

Despite the importance of the restorations’ sector in France, restaurant owners encounter several problems and daily challenges to maintain the stability and development of their activities.

As cited in our article on economic difficulties for restorations, restaurant owners have indicated that the reduction or lack of customers is a daily challenge.

And in fact, the weak financial capacities of the restaurant owners also represent problems in the necessary investments

but – as a restaurant owner – you can change this situation by opting for a digital strategy that ensures your presence on the Internet.

In order to  optimize your presence, it is important to combine your presence through a website, social networks and specialized directories.

In the rest of the article, we will explain the interest of each channel for your digital communication. But, remember that the success of your digital marketing is based on a well-developed strategy.


Some people think that a website for a restaurant makes no sense. But this is not true at all!

In fact, our previous article showed the importance of a website for SMEs including restaurants. But every business has its own specific points. For this, each website is designed specifically to meet the specific requirements of the business.

With regard to restaurants, a website is considered as the first showcase for those who carry out their research on the web. And believe me, the number of search on the internet is huge.

And so, your presence through a website increases the number of consumer opportunities thanks to consumer consultations, the feedback published on your site as well as the unique presentation of your restaurant.

If a customer is looking for a restaurant for a dinner for two, he will consult the web. He finds your website and he becomes aware of the existence of a perfect restaurant for him (your restaurant). And here’s an opportunity you can miss without a website.

In addition, your website reflects your image through a design that tells your story and highlights your competitive advantages. This gives an added value to the image of your restaurant compared to consumers.

To sum up, your website is an essential element for you to stand out from your competitors and to gain more opportunities and traffic conversion to your restaurant.

Specialized directories:

The specialized directories are directories that bring together the different companies in the same sector of activity as Yelp, le bon guide etc … Some customers do their research on these websites to find the company that best suits their needs

This practice helps you to position yourself better at SEO level of your website, and increases the number of opportunities to be known and recognized on the web.

These specialized directories are more effective when you have a website. In fact, the customer wants to see more than the address and logo of a restaurant. And so, a link to your website on the directory gives him the chance to know you better from the consultation of a your website.

Social Media:

If you are unfamiliar with this word, I would tell you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more …

Now you’re on the right track with social media or social networks.

Social networks are increasingly influencing customer behavior. Regardless of the social network used by the customer, your presence with relevant and targeted content is a competitive advantage.

In fact, 42% of French people eat at a restaurant at least once a month according to statista. This figure is a very important for restaurant owners in terms of the  number of customers. And to be successful in capturing a market share of this number, you must be present at the right time with the right message to the right customer.

It seems impossible to you? Or saying it’s “too good” to be “true”?

In fact, it’s true! It is sufficient to develop a digital communication strategy on specific axes and objectives.

First of all, what are their preferences, their interests and their consumption habits? The information collected about your target will help you target them with a content specific to them. In this case, you will encourage consumers to interact with you on social networks. And that’s it, you develop a community around your brand. A community that will love hearing your news, your story and especially a community that will transform to customers through the marketing actions carried out on your social networks.

Tha’t cool but ...

Yes it’s cool to be able to generate traffic to your restaurant by combining your presence on the web through a website specific to your brand, specialized directories and social networks based on a digital communication strategy.

But put your feet on the ground, it must cost a fortune!

Actually no !

The success of digital strategies is due to several factors such as the personalization of communication, targeting and re-targeting, but also the low cost of communication compared to other traditional com-tools.

In addition, the return on investment of a well-established digital campaign is very high compared to other investments.

Finally, as a restaurant owner, you have certain challenges to go back on a daily basis. And the solution to succeed is to have more traffic to your restaurant and to retain your customers. For that, I invite you to consider the solution of a digital strategy as explained in this article.

ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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