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How to increase your profit through a website?

“how to increase the profit of my company through a website? “As a web agency, we always receive the question. So in this article, we’ve tried to collect to you the most important elements to increase your profit through your website.

In fact, it’s really important to have a website for your brand. And increasing your profit is one of the many advantages you may have with your website.

So, here are the elements needed to increase your profit through a website.

First, if you have not yet developed your site, start by developing your technical specifications to establish a website on fundamental axes.

Remember, your specification is the first key to a successful website.

You can download our free template from here.

Then here are the things you need to consider to increase your profit through a website.

Website design

The website design is a crucial element to increase your profit through a website. We often say “A good design is a good business”. In fact, the design reflects the image of the company and reinforces the positioning desired by the brand. In addition to that, the design of your website inevitably impacts the user experience. In truth, the design determines the average time spent by a user on the website. The design retains several elements to respect so you can attract visitors and offer a unique experience on your site.

Information and content

Content is a crucial element for your site. To succeed in your content, you must put in place a content strategy adapted to your target. In fact, you need to determine what type of media to embed in your site to increase your customer’s engagement. The dissemination of information and offers through your site must be developed on a well-defined strategy to successfully convert your visitors. Based on your target, you can decide what kind of content and offers to share on your site. By implementing this practice, the engagement rate of your audience changes and results an increase in conversion rate.

SEO and site optimization

The natural referencing of your site is a continuous work to make sure of the presence of your site in the first places in the search engines like google, yahoo, bing … To succeed your referencing, it is essential to put oneself in the skin of your client: When my client will look for my product / service, what words does he use to communicate his needs?

To find the best keywords for you, you must complete your research on your target. You can certainly utilize some free tools such as Google Adwords. But remember, it’s just a help tool. Your most efficient tool for determining the right keywords is finding and recognizing your customer.

Search engines also take in consideration your site structure, link optimization, image / text reports, responsive design and many other technical aspects to push or penalize your site. So, you should always be careful about optimizing your site to ensure technical stability.

Identify your call to action buttons

Call To Action buttons (CTA) are essential to increase the conversion rate from your site. You must encourage visitors to take actions on your site. For this you need to prepare your action buttons carefully.

So, consider the location of your CTA, the design and the text of the link. And above all, you must analyze the number of clicks on your CTAs to determine their efficacity.

Landing pages

Landing pages are pages that require information from your visitors in exchange of an offer. This offer mainly depends on your business. But whatever you are in B2B or B2C, landing pages are your first tool to collect information about your visitors. Yet, make sure that you do not abuse in terms of information requested. In fact, it is vital to establish a balance between the proposed offer and the requested information. In this case, the lead conversion rate will be at his best.

And finally, you should always thank your customer with a clear page about granting you his confidential information by a specific thank you page.

Create and maintain your blog

Creating a blog for your business is becoming more of a necessity. In fact, your customer is curious about the story you will tell before the products or services you offer. For this, with the help of social networks, your blog is the ideal space to address your customer as a human being.

In this space, you share with your customer his worries. And also, you clarify his confusions and you present the necessary solutions as part of a specific content strategy.

If you happen to lead an effective content strategy on your blog, you can increase the conversion rate from your blog, and then increase your profit.

But, you have always to maintain your blog regularly. The activity of your blog indicates the degree of your attention to your customers. And they will appreciate that attention for them.

Measure, analyze and optimize!

Each article on the blog, each link and each page must be analyzed. This allows you to recognize what your clients like most. In fact, you need to put in place a system of measurements that contains the essential measures for you. Then, analyze these numbers appropriately to optimize your approach and improve your marketing and content strategy.
Here is our free Excel template to help you analyse your website.

So here’s how to increase your profit through a website

To summarize what we said in this article, here are the 7 elements to increase your profit through a website:
– Website design

– Information and content

– SEO and Optimization

– Identify your Call To Action buttons

– Landing pages

– Create and maintain your blog

– Measure, analyze and optimize

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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