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Schedule your Instagram posts via API

Since Instagram’s evolution in the social media’s world, digital marketing experts have adapted their strategies to integrate it in the purpose of reaching to a new target.
But the major problem for community managers was that they can’t schedule their Instagram posts to optimize the use of Instagram in terms of time and efficiency.

Schedule Instagram posts

On January 30, 2017, Instagram announced the change of its algorithm to meet the needs of brands. It’s possible now to schedule your Instagram posts. The leader in social media management software Hootsuite was the first to announce that this feature will be available soon for their customers.

Instagram officially announced this change on January 30:

Starting today (January 30th), we are launching three new Instagram Graph API features designed to help organizations better manage their organic presence on Instagram. – Ravi Gummadi, software engineer at Facebook Inc. (Instagram)

But it still remains in beta and is reserved only for social networking applications (Facebook business partners and Instagram partners).

Other platforms have also announced that this feature will be available soon like the Planable tool.

According to the moderator’s blog, this feature is reserved only for Business profiles. That means, if you want to schedule your posts soon, you need to migrate your Instagram account to a business account.

And in addition to that, posts planning will only be possible via the API. Instagram does not always allow planning directly on the app so far.

Change your digital strategy

This change will lead to an evolution in the digital strategies for brands on the international scale.

And it will reconfigure the use of Instagram in terms of engagement between the brand and their followers.

Some experts think that this change will not bring much, given the existence of unofficial software that has used this feature for a long time such as gumblr.

But this is not necessarily true !

In fact, the Instagram API change will bring a lot of changes and improvements for this social network compared to the brands according to Facebook developers.

Content publishing : Planning Instagram posts, and still in beta.

Business Discovery : Discover and read information and media from other business profiles

Mentions : Discover and read the publications and comments that mention your brand name.

There will also be improvements in the moderation of comments and insights.

All of these enhancements can increase Instagram’s role in digital strategies. Especially as the number of Instagram users increases more and more over time.

Digital marketers around the world consider this change as a major change for Instagram.

Instagram in Tunisia

In Tunisia, this change will probably affect only a few brands and agencies that use software of social media management.

It should be noted that the social network Instagram, is the second network in terms of subscribers in Tunisia with 1.5 million Tunisians registered in 2017.

It is therefore very important to consider the integration of Instagram in the digital strategy of Tunisian companies. So they engage the subscribers of this network in a continuous and efficient way.

Hopefully, this change will push other agencies and companies to reconsider their digital strategies. And the integrate some management software and automation to change the digital landscape in Tunisia.

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ITE Webmaster

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ITE Webmaster
ITE Webmaster

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